These websites to learn coding online are applicable for those who want to learn coding or programming and become professional software developers. So if you want to learn coding and make a career as a successful programmer then the websites in this list are very important for you. On these websites, you can learn various types of IT & Software related coding and programming languages including Java, Kotlin, PHP, JavaScript, Python, C#, Django, HTML5, CSS, Node.Js, Angular, C++, React and C Programming etc.

The present time is the era of modern software technology. So for learning to code, I have compiled a comprehensive list of these important and popular websites. These online learning platforms have thousands of professional courses. Students can easily learn online by purchasing their desired course at any time. By going to these online learning sites, you can learn various courses including Android App & Game Development, Web Development, SEO, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Cyber ​​Security, Data Science, Machine Learning and Ethical Hacking etc. If you successfully complete the course, these sites provide certificates.

All these websites to learn coding online can help you very well. So if you want to learn coding, then you can choose any online coding learning platform and go there to learn any course of your choice to make your career successful.


Coursera - online coding learning platform

Coursera is the unique & best platform to learn coding for online education. If you are looking for elegant and popular websites to learn coding online platform, then you will see Coursera first in the list of best. It is basically a suitable platform for conducting live classes. Apart from coding, you can get professional courses by enrolling in various universities online.

It has become an important tool for various software developers worldwide. So if you want to be a successful freelancer or entrepreneur, then this platform can help you a lot. Already 87+ million people from different countries are learning courses on Coursera. For professional development in your new career, you can come to this platform and get a higher degree by taking courses. There are even many interesting professional free courses offered here. Anyone can start learning by choosing a course of their choice. Therefore, all things considered, Coursera is an elegant website to learn programming online.

So if you want to do something in your professional life, then Coursera can show you the right way. You can develop your career by learning any course well from Data Science, Software Engineering, Cyber ​​Security, Python Programming, Web Development, Data Analyst, UX Design, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, C Programming, and Blockchain courses on this platform. Currently, these expert developers are highly valued in various freelancing marketplaces. Lots of people prefer to get their work done by the world’s skilled developers in less time and less cost.

Individuals and software companies post jobs for these jobs in various developing countries. So you have to be skilled to do these things. If you can show your work skills and experience, then you can successfully work from home in software companies abroad with a higher salary.

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Linkedin Learning (Lynda)

Linkedin Learning-best website to learn coding

Linkedin Learning the popular online learning platform was formerly known as This is one of the excellent websites to learn coding online. You can do one-month free trial course in this community. If you are not satisfied with their instructors or have problems, you can cancel the course at any time.

You can learn a course of your choice from 18,300+ courses in the Linkedin Learning catalog. To learn these courses you have to pay a certain amount of monthly course fee to Linkedin authorities. You can learn anything you want to improve your technical skills at Linkedin Learning. It includes many excellent courses to develop your career. Such as Animation & Illustration, Audio & Music, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics & VFX, Web Design, Data Science, Database Management, Mobile Development, Network & System Administration, Security, Software Development and Web Development etc.

Develop your career quickly by learning any course from the list of these courses on Linkedin Learning. Therefore, this will be the best platform to learn coding to improve your career. I have a suggestion for you if you like coding then choose anyone from Mobile or Android Development, Web Design, Web Development and Data Science. Because the demand for these sectors is increasing day by day.

In today’s technology era, if you learn coding and build a career in software, you will be successful quickly. Linkedin Learning is the only door to success. Only their skilled instructors can assure you success.

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Udemy-best-website to learn programming online

Udemy is the best and most popular website to learn programming online. It is an important platform to learn coding online. Expert instructors from different countries create about 17,000+ top courses. Millions of students around the world are working in various IT & Software companies after completing courses from Udemy. No matter where you are, you can purchase a course of your choice and learn freely when you want. Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate from Udemy.

So for you, this will be the best website to learn coding online. This online coding learning platform currently has numerous experienced trainers. By looking at the review ratings of the students, you can understand and know how the skills of the instructors are on this platform? Moreover, if you have any kind of problem while learning coding, the trainers will support you online. On Udemy you can learn many types of programming including JavaScript, PHP, Python, Java, Kotlin, C#, C++, React and C Programming.

By mastering these codings, you can develop yourself as any other kind of skilled developer including Web Development, Data Science, Android Apps Development, Machine Learning, Game Development, Software Testing, Database Design & Development.

Not only that, Udemy has many free courses apart from premium courses that allow you to learn for free. You just create a new account and you can use the free courses completely free of charge. Become a skilled programmer and show yourself that you are a successful programmer. Here are some of the best courses for beginners that often offer flash sales with discounts of up to 95%. In my opinion, Udemy is one of the best platforms or websites to learn coding online. So you too can choose this best online learning platform to fulfill your desired dream and make yourself a skilled software developer by learning coding.

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Edx- website to learn programming online

Edx is one of the best ways to learn coding or programming online. Anyone can take various professional courses by registering for free on this amazing platform. Apart from the premium, there are numerous courses available for free. A variety of professional courses and programming can be learned under the supervision of Harvard, MIT, and world-leading universities.

You can start learning in this world’s best educational institution. To learn coding you start with a basic course, you can start with Python to learn or know the basic concepts and basics. You take basic and object-oriented beginner programming courses to focus on programming best practices. If you want to learn programming and develop a career, you can start with JavaScript. There is no place where JavaScript is not used. Almost many types of software including web development are created with this programming language.

Edx has numerous courses including Blockchain, C Programming, C#, C++, DevOps, Django, Full Stack Development, HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, Python, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Data Analysis, Software Testing, Machine Learning, and Quantum Computing. Among these courses, you will get a lot of progress in your professional life by taking courses according to your choice. So considering all aspects you must say that Edx learning platform is one of the best websites to learn coding online. Not only that, with the help of these platforms you can earn Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in top leading universities.

So after analyzing Edx for so long, you must have understood that it is the best website to learn coding online. Even it is an amazing and popular online learning site for kids. There is no alternative to learning programming and developing a career around the world to make yourself successful.

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W3schools-best website to learn coding

W3schools is one of the best ways to learn programming. In my opinion, this is one of the best websites to learn coding online. Anyone can easily sign up and learn live coding by themselves.

You can also think of w3schools as a codes library. Because it has many resourceful code files and tutorials. All types of code libraries and code structures are included. Practice any type of coding yourself with the code editor. No help or instructor needed to practice the codes. The w3schools code repository includes a variety of resourceful code files including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Java, C++, Bootstrap, C, C#, R, Kotlin, Node.js, React, JSON, Sass, AngularJS, etc. You can use the source code from w3schools if you have any problems or trouble while working on different projects.

Whether you are Web development, Game development, Android Apps, and any kind of software developer, you must take the help of this online coding learning platform. The special advantage of w3schools is that you can freely use code exercises or code scripts here for free. You can also purchase the Premium User Plan to get additional features. In this case, you have to pay $4.99 per month. Premium usually allows users to use 15 GB data / month, 200 000 requests / month, 3GB storage and Video Tutorials.

So, this is the best platform to learn coding online. Premium users can usually learn live coding by watching video tutorials through the code editor. Because of these elements, this coding learning platform is very popular. I have a request for all the programmers who want to learn coding and develop a good career should follow this platform. You won’t find a better platform for live coding online.

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Codecademy - best platform to learn coding

One of the most popular and important resources on this list for learning to code is Codecademy. This is one of the amazing websites to learn coding online. It is one of the best platforms for those who want to learn coding and become professional programmers and work in different software companies around the world.

Codecademy has many programming languages in its catalog. Eg: HTML & CSS, Python, JavaScript, Java, SQL, Ruby, C++, R, C#, PHP, Go, Swift, Kotlin and C, etc. Decide your desired course or subject and start learning coding. Codecademy has some courses offered subject-wise. The courses are Web Development, Data Science, Machine Learning, Web Design, Game Development, Mobile Development, Data Visualization, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Data Engineering, and Data Analytics, etc. If you can complete any course efficiently you can get a good job in any company.

So Codecademy is the best website to learn coding online. This amazing online learning platform has three different Pro membership plans for Individuals, Students, and Teams. Free trial course for students here. If you want, you can use the premium plan. In this case, a student has to pay a $149.99/yearly charge. Individual users have to pay $19.99/monthly and Business plans or Team have to pay $299/yearly.

The Codecademy platform offers high-quality coding courses in various programming languages on numerous subjects that make a user a skilled and accurate programmer. So study code regularly to become a complete and efficient developer in the future. Rely on this excellent platform to gain the coding skills you need to build the future you want.

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Educative - online coding learning platform

Anyone can follow Educative to learn programming and develop a career as a software developer. Their course catalog includes a variety of programming languages ​​for careers like mobile development, web development, and more, allowing you to code independently.

So one of the most dependable websites of all programmers is Educational. You can try it as a beginner programmer to check out this interesting learning site. Educative is the best website to learn programming online for new programmers. This coding platform has some features and elements that make it user-friendly. Educative offers two attractive plans, Individuals and Enterprise.

An Individual’s premium plan usually has three offer plans $11.66 / month, $17.66 / month, and $41 / month. If you are a student or new learner then the Individuals plan will suitable you. The other is the Enterprise plan. This mainly applies to large team members. If you have a large number of team members then this package is better to use. The Enterprise package offers $299/annual, $399/annual and custom pricing. Start learning to code by choosing any plan on this excellent online coding learning platform.

So Educative is the best platform to learn coding for all professional programmers. Therefore, by purchasing any membership plan at this ideal online learning site, learn a number of programming courses including JavaScript, Ruby, Java, C++, C#, HTML & CSS, Kotlin, Python, PHP, and C. You may not get this opportunity in the future to grow your career in online software sector. So, develop your career fast by learning coding and getting a job in different software companies around the world.

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Udacity- websites to learn coding online

Udacity is a popular and dedicated online learning platform. This is the best website to learn coding online to become a skilled software engineer or developer. Most people in the world are interested in becoming web developers. Because the demand for web developers is very high. So if you also want to become a full-stack web developer, then you can choose the Udacity platform.

Udacity directory has numerous excellent professional courses. This platform includes Web Design, Web Development, Data Engineering, Data Scientist, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robotics Software Engineering, Cybersecurity, Cloud DevOps Engineering, Cloud Developer, Hybrid Cloud Engineer, Ethical Hacker, and iOS Developer. There are many amazing courses including learning coding you need to ensure your experience and skills to get a job in a good company. So you should target Udacity to acquire all job skills.

If you make a list of all the online coding learning platforms, you will find Udacity at the top of the list. So this is one of the most amazing and best websites to learn coding online website.

This learning website offers separate membership plans for Individuals and Enterprises. A user usually has to pay $399 per month. Udacity will be the best platform for you to learn coding even though the price is a bit high. Because the mentors here provide good support. Moreover, you will get an achievement certificate after successfully completing the course. All things considered, it is an elegant and wonderful website to learn programming online. You too can rely on this interesting coding learning website to take your career to the brink of success.

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Onemonth- online coding learning platform

Do you want to learn to code online? If you can’t find a better platform and website, then choose Onemonth. Because it is a great and suitable website to learn programming online. To become a professional and efficient programmer you must take the support of a good platform. Already around 120,000+ students have joined this website to learn coding.

After completing the excellent courses at Onemonth, many students are currently working successfully in various companies. The excellent programming language Python is included on this website. It is a powerful programming language big famous companies have used this computer programming language to create their websites. Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram, and Reddit have used this code or programming. Therefore, it will be the best platform to learn coding for you.

Onemonth students are currently working in world famous companies including Google, Facebook, Apple, Salesforce, and Bloomberg. So Onemonth is an essential site for learning computer programming and developing a career.

Let’s introduce the courses on this site, the courses are – HTML & CSS, Python, SQL, WordPress, Ruby, JavaScript, jQuery, Bitcoin & Ethereum, etc. You can improve your software development career by taking any of the programming courses on this website. So you should join this excellent online learning site for coding practice or career development.

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Pluralsight - best platform to learn coding

Pluralsight is an excellent and modern online coding learning platform. It is one of the most popular websites to learn coding online. Pluralsight is an important platform to become a skilled and experienced professional programmer.

If you want to become a good software developer, you can learn Python programming language. Because Python is a powerful language both strategically and functionally to become a good programmer. It will take your technology team workforce far by tackling a variety of challenges. Pluralsight offers two pricing plans Individual and Team for their clients. The Individual membership plan is basically divided into two packages which are the Standard plan price – $19/per month and the Premium plan – $29/per month.

Also, if the number of employees or developers in your organization is more, then you will benefit the most if you buy the Team plan. Because of this plan Pluralsight allows you to use a huge code library. This dedicated plan offers you three pricing plans. Starter – $399 per user / year, Professional – $579 per user / year and Enterprise – $779 per user / year. Not only that, more than 70% peoples of the 500+ companies worldwide use the Pluralsight platform.

Pluralsight awards a certificate to a student who successfully completes the course. This learning site should be evaluated not by price, but by its service and huge coding library. According to data from Pluralsight, their platform is used in more than 180 countries around the world. That means you can think about how efficient and advanced the strategy of this online coding learning platform can be.

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